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About the Book

Mischief Maker's Manual

MISCHIEF MAKER'S MANUAL is the ultimate handbook of pranks and practical jokes.

Packed with step-by-step instructions, and hilarious illustrations, MISCHIEF MAKER'S MANUAL (or "M3") is the training manual for serious pranksters. By reading this book, and learning its concepts, you will be transformed from a novice prankster into a mighty overlord of mayhem, able to make the frogs rain from the sky, and your teachers fart on command.

MISCHIEF MAKER'S MANUAL is a wildly funny book loaded with stunts and tricks that you can play on your schoolmates, teachers, parents, camp counselors, brothers, sisters, and the mayor of your town. Even better, M3 will show you how to get your pranks featured on the local news, and talked about around the world.

Here are just a few of the amazing chapters in this incredibly valuable book.

The Eerie Foaming Toilet!
Fake Alien Landing
(using only boards and a rope!)
A massive catapult!

There's ordinary mischief, and there's magnificent mischief. MISCHIEF MAKER'S MANUAL will make you magnificent.

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The Prank Ranks

As you complete each chapter, you increase in ranking and move onto more massive levels of mind-blowing mischief. Your goal is the rare and valuable ranking of Master Mischief Maker, attained by only the most powerful mischief makers worldwide.

Second-Class Mischief Maker Second-Class Mischief Maker. Begin your training, and you will immediately earn this rank. You start by learning The Basics that every prankster must master, from "How to Make a Proper Lookout Station" to "How to Make a Great Prank Phone Call." Your mischief-making journey has begun.

First-Class Mischief Maker

First-Class Mischief Maker. As you complete each chapter, you move up in rank, until you earn the next Prank Rank of First-Class Mischief Maker. Now that you are able to make first-class mischief, you begin learning classic Prank Moves like "The Invisible Toilet Force-Field" or "Stapler in the Jell-O."

Minor Mischief Maker

Minor Mischief Maker. Once you complete your basic field training, you earn the next rank of Minor Mischief Maker. You're now ready to build Do-It-Yourself Gags like "The Happy Confetti Grenade" and the incredibly awesome "M3 Power Launcher," capable of hurling eggs and small pieces of fruit. Although you are only a Minor, you're on your way to the Majors.

Major Mischief Maker

Major Mischief Maker. Growing in power, you have now mastered both basic and intermediate pranking skills. You are becoming respected and feared. Only now are you ready for the Experts Only section, which features advanced topics such as "How to Fake an Alien Landing" and "How to Get Your Prank On the Evening News."

Massive Mischief Maker

Massive Mischief Maker. You are now a legend in the making. Complete the final section, Trouble, and your legend will be made.

Master Mischief Maker

Master Mischief Maker. Congratulations! You have joined an exclusive club of the most powerful mischief-makers in the world. You are incredibly brilliant, creative, amazing, respected, and feared. Your life will never again be the same.

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