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The April Fool Wakeup

This April Fool's Day, be sure to give your parents the "April Fool Wakeup."

First, set their alarm clock for midnight on April 1. You have to do this, to celebrate the greatest day of the year!

Then empty their shampoo bottle, and fill it with something like vanilla pudding, tartar sauce, or ketchup.

Put a box of marbles in the medicine cabinet, tilted against the door, so they'll fall out when someone opens it.

Then dab a little hot sauce on their toothbrush. Don't go for the wimpy sauce, like Tabasco. Find a sauce with a name like "Dave's Insanity."

Schmear a little Vaseline on the toilet seat.

Finally, put baby powder or flour into their hair dryer.

They'll wake up at midnight, then get into the shower and get Pudding Head. When they open the medicine cabinet, they'll get the Marble Surprise. They'll brush their teeth and get Fire Mouth. Then they'll sit down on the toilet and get Slime Bum. Finally, they'll turn on the hairdryer and get Powder Face.

Parents love this kind of thing, because you're being creative and funny on April Fool's Day. Have fun!

The Tinted Toilet Trick

Mischief maker Copperstar Coyote wrote in with this fun twist on the ol' food-coloring-in-the-toilet prank:

"My prank is based on your 'Eerie Foaming Toilet' prank, but it is much less labor intensive. Lift the lid of your toilet tank and put red food coloring in the water. The next time someone flushes, it will look like the toilet is flushing BLOOD. For a St. Patrick's Day alternative, use green food dye instead."

We'll also point out that red and green are cheerful Christmas colors, so if anyone gets angry with you for coloring the toilet water, you can always tell them you were just trying to be festive.

Put the 'Trick' Back in 'Trick or Treat'

Halloween is made for pranking. "Trick or treat" literally means you can either get candy, OR you can prank someone instead. Guess which one is more fun?

In the M3 tradition of hilarious Halloween pranks that don't do any damage, here's a series of free downloadable signs that you can hang on people's doors on Halloween night, instead of asking them for a treat. Bring a stack of these, and some tape, and make it the trickiest Halloween ever!

The Vegetarian Household

Forget spiders and vampires: the most terrifying thing you can imagine on Halloween night is the threat of vegetables. Scare away all incoming trick-or-treaters with this horrifying sign. [Click here to download.]
The Humorless Dentist

Who wants toothbrushes and dental floss on Halloween night? Nobody, unless they come with chocolate toothpaste. (Not chocolate-flavored, but pure chocolate.) [Click here to download.]
The Greedy Husband

What kind of cruel, heartless man would deprive the neighborhood children of their precious candy by eating it all before they arrived? Answer: the one who has this sign hanging on the door. [Click here to download.]

If you end up hanging any of these signs this Halloween, please take a picture and send it to us at mail @ mischiefmakersmanual . com -- we'd love to feature it on the site!

Rename That Tune!

If your friends or family like listening to MP3s on the computer, our friend Chris699910 has a great prank for you. This trick lets you surprise them -- with their own songs!

Many people use iTunes or a similar program to play their music (we'll use iTunes, but if they use Windows Media Player or something else, the instructions are similar)...

Cup, Cup, and Away!

This is a perfect prank for schools, and if you're lucky, your teacher might actually let you do this one, with permission. This prank isn't just fun for yourself -- if your class is having an event like a big sports game or a bake sale, you can ask your teachers to help with this one. It's called "cuprocking," and the more people you have doing it, the more awesome it is. Check out these cool examples...

The Metal Pillow Prank

Pranks work best when people don't expect them, and that's why our friend Glennerd's idea is so brilliant: it involves surprising people with a pillow.

It's the last thing they'll be expecting.

Pillows are the least scary things in the world, and when someone lies down on a pillow, that's when they're ready to relax. They aren't ready for a prank!

What you do is take the pillow out of its pillowcase, then wrap it with a single sheet of aluminium foil. (Just one sheet is enough -- too much, and the pillow will look weird.) Then carefully put the pillow and sheet back inside the cover. From the outside, it looks completely normal, but when someone lays down to sleep they're crashing their head through a really loud metal crinkling noise!

It's even better because it's really easy to fix, just take out the foil. They know you got them, but they can't get too upset.

Sweet dreams!

The Website Scrambling Prank

Here's an easy way to prank your whole family, or anyone who shares your computer. There are free programs you can install on your browser to instantly scramble the words on any website. It's really weird, and will leave everyone thinking they've gone dyslexic...

A Flock of Fake Flamingos

Sometimes your school has to raise money. But just asking, "Can I have more money please?" doesn't work very well, as you know if you've ever tried it on your parents. The best way to get money is to work for it, and even better if you can give people a laugh in the process.

Washougal High School in Washington had a great idea they called "Flock-a-Friend." By donating money, people could order the most unexpected thing in the world: giant pink birds! Students and teachers moved the plastic birds from yard to yard, so every day a family woke up to find they'd been "flocked." It's a crazy thing to see first thing in the morning ...

3 Great Pranks on Parents (With Video!)

We recently searched YouTube for great prank ideas to pull on your parents. We hope you enjoy them. And we hope your parents still let you visit this site after we put these ideas into your head.

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