The Empty Room Prank

Waking up in a strange room is very creepy, but how much more scary is it when the strange room is your own? You're at your dumbest when you wake up, unable to really deal with anything around you, so changing the room around a sleeping person can be a great prank!

Our friend Double M explains that as long as you're quiet, you can really worry the waker -- for a few funny seconds -- by removing things from their room as they sleep. And we don't mean little things (taking those is called "stealing"), but by lifting out entire desks and chairs, maybe even everything in the room! To make this prank work, you'll need a lot of dedicated help, as you'll have to do it late at night when they're sleeping, and you'd better be careful you don't wake them.

Be sure to plan out what you're going to say if they do wake in advance, and you're standing there holding their dresser. Some of these excuses may come in handy:

"Sorry, I was checking to see where I left my socks."

"Am I sleepwalking again?"

"The movers are here. They asked me to help."

"I wanted to sweep underneath it. Have you seen the dustballs under this thing? They're the size of gerbils."

"What dresser?"