The Ol' Icon Switcheroo

Another way to turn the trusted family computer into a crazy confusion machine is to switch around the icons on the desktop. This works really well, because the people who use little pictures to find their programs are the ones who don't know how to fix them -- and it's really easy to change the pictures, as we show you in these easy, step-by-step directions...

First, right-click on the icon you want to mess with:

Now go to "Change Icon" and you can choose whatever else you like!

You can even "steal" another program's icon by clicking "Browse" in the next window and choosing that program -- then it will give you a list of all that program's pictures!

The best part about this prank is that it's easy to figure out -- the name of the real program is still on the screen, it just confuses your friends and family for a few seconds. Of course, if you're really mischievous, you can change the program as well, by changing the "Target" of each icon...

...but if you do that, make sure you're able to change it back. You might be having fun, but other people have work to do!