A Free, Flashy Prank

Disposable cameras are lots of fun, taking pictures of friends and family doing all kinds of crazy things. But did you know they can be fun even when they're thrown away? That's because the flash isn't all gone, even when the film's empty -- and even if it can't light things up for new pictures, mischief maker Jared has told us how it can light them for a laugh!

Your own personal lightning gun!

Just keep it charged and you can set off a super-bright flash when people least expect it -- just push the button! It's a great trick for waking people up in the morning (especially if you're having a sleepover with friends), or for surprising your family in the middle of a TV show.

The best part is, used-up disposable cameras are free -- just go to the photo counter at your local drugstore or Walmart, and ask if they have any leftover disposable cameras. Usually they're happy to get rid of them, so take as many as you can. (You might want to pick up a pair of sunglasses, too -- you'll need them!)

Happy flashing!