Silly, Silly Snowmen

Snowmen are great fun to build -- and since you're having a great time playing in the snow, why not give everyone else a good time too? There are a lot of fun things you can do with your frozen friend, and then when you're inside and warm, you can look out and laugh at your hilarious creation. Here are some ideas to get you started...

Everyone has a snowman, but how many have a snow-BAT-man? You can use old Halloween costumes, or random objects, to dress up your snowman as a superhero.

A crazy decapitated snowman! (You need to hide branches, or a broomstick, inside the snow to hold the arm up.)

Build a snowman really near to the window, and it looks like the poor guy wants to come in and sit down.

Douglas Roulston spent all day making this awesome Snow Spartan (from the game Halo). It took seven hours ... but great stunts are worth the effort!

Well, snowmen can't get much exercise.

Watch out, it's a snow-shark! (You can use food coloring mixed with water, or even a cherry slurpee, to get the red.)

Make people feel bad about driving off in the morning!

Why shouldn't snowmen have a good time too?