The Best Free iPhone Prank Apps

We all know a good prank takes a lot of work -- unless you have access to an iPhone. Here are the best free iPhone prank programs, which are just waiting to be downloaded onto someone's iPhone. Pranking? There's an app for that...

1. Prank Mirror

With the camera and screen, the iPhone can easily act as a high-tech mirror -- but that's so boring. When your sister is straightening her makeup, show her how the iPhone can be her mirror. Then watch when it changes to the twisted fun-house version with Prank Mirror!

2. Atomic Fart

Atomic Fart does exactly what you'd think. It turns someone's iPhone into a mobile whoopee cushion -- one you don't even have to sit on! (In fact, definitely don't sit on it, because that would be expensive.) The key is keeping cool: just use it every once in a while to make people think someone let loose a poot frog.

3. Fake-A-Text

Fake-A-Text lets you pretend to be sending text messages to someone else. Whether it's the President, or Justin Bieber, or your mom's boss, Fake-A-Text makes it easy to act like you're messaging someone else -- and they're agreeing with everything you say!