3 Great Pranks on Parents (With Video!)

We recently searched YouTube for great prank ideas to pull on your parents. We hope you enjoy them. And we hope your parents still let you visit this site after we put these ideas into your head.

1. The Baseball Brawl Prank

Team games are fun, but adults always take them so seriously. That's why it's funny to act like silly grown-ups. These kids organized to pretend that a huge fight started during the game!

The craziest part is that real baseball players do that, and they aren't pretending! And they get paid millions of dollars. If you try this stunt, make sure that everyone agrees beforehand and knows the plan. At a certain time or when a leader gives a signal, everyone should just start screaming and piling onto each other. A classy touch is for everyone to line up and bow at the end, to make sure everyone knows it was a joke!

2. The Remote Control Prank

This is an old one, but it never stops being fun. Find another remote control which works on your TV, and wait until just one person is watching, then wait longer until they're really tired and don't want to move. It's even better if you do it from the hall or the kitchen, somewhere outside of the room!

The trick with this one is to do it verrrrrry slowly. If the channel keeps changing quickly, they'll know something is up -- but if you only do it once every few minutes, you can keep them frustrated for ages.

3. The Attack of the Mouse!

A good prop, some good timing, and a great laugh! This is a great way to scare anyone.