A Flock of Fake Flamingos

Sometimes your school has to raise money. But just asking, "Can I have more money please?" doesn't work very well, as you know if you've ever tried it on your parents. The best way to get money is to work for it, and even better if you can give people a laugh in the process.

Washougal High School in Washington had a great idea they called "Flock-a-Friend." By donating money, people could order the most unexpected thing in the world: giant pink birds! Students and teachers moved the plastic birds from yard to yard, so every day a family woke up to find they'd been "flocked." It's a crazy thing to see first thing in the morning ... in fact, many people wondered if they were still dreaming!

The students and teachers cleaned up the flamingos for free, of course, but for a small donation they would move the flamingos on to a friend's house. This created a chain of laughs, and more money for a good cause!

Here's the form Washougal High used.

And just to remind you of why it's so silly and funny, here's what a flamingo looks like.

Of course you don't have to use flamingos. But if you can think of something even sillier to use, please write and let us know!