The Website Scrambling Prank

Here's an easy way to prank your whole family, or anyone who shares your computer. There are free programs you can install on your browser to instantly scramble the words on any website. It's really weird, and will leave everyone thinking they've gone dyslexic...

It feels funny and strange because your brain can put the words back together as long as the first and last letters don't move, giving you a perfect three seconds of confusion until you figure out what's wrong.

Pulling this prank is easy. If you use the Chrome browser, download the cool Scramble:

And if you use Firefox, download the funny Raed Tihs!:

The best part is how these programs can be turned on and off with the click of a button -- so no harm is done, and you can clear the site (or start the prank!) very quickly.

Hppay smrabcnilg!