Cup, Cup, and Away!

This is a perfect prank for schools, and if you're lucky, your teacher might actually let you do this one, with permission. This prank isn't just fun for yourself -- if your class is having an event like a big sports game or a bake sale, you can ask your teachers to help with this one. It's called "cuprocking," and the more people you have doing it, the more awesome it is. Check out these cool examples...

School fences are perfect for cuprocking -- you simply draw things by sticking cups in the holes! You can write a message like "HA HA!" with just one color of cup, or use a few different types to make a big colorful picture. It's best to draw it out on graph paper first, so you can get an idea of how many colors of each cup you'll need, and have a plan for your design.

Plastic cups can be fun even without soda

You can do this one by yourself, if you're patient and have a lot of extra cups, but it's even better with a group. Next time there's a school event, you can have the cool idea, get everyone to help, and still have all the fun!