Rename That Tune!

If your friends or family like listening to MP3s on the computer, our friend Chris699910 has a great prank for you. This trick lets you surprise them -- with their own songs!

Many people use iTunes or a similar program to play their music (we'll use iTunes, but if they use Windows Media Player or something else, the instructions are similar)... Open this program, and find one of their favorite songs. Now rename the song, either to another song in their playlist, or to something silly like "Dr. Frankenheimer's Oompah Band" or "This Song Gives Me Gas."

Do this with as many songs as you like. If you really want to go all out, you can select their song and press Ctrl+I for PC, or Command+I for Mac, and change all the info for the song as well. This will let you change the album title, artwork, and other details.

The next time they try to relax with their favorite song, they'll be totally confused!

IMPORTANT: Write down which songs you changed, so you can change them back later. No one should have to be stuck with Dr. Frankenheimer and his Oompah Band forever.