Put the 'Trick' Back in 'Trick or Treat'

Halloween is made for pranking. "Trick or treat" literally means you can either get candy, OR you can prank someone instead. Guess which one is more fun?

In the M3 tradition of hilarious Halloween pranks that don't do any damage, here's a series of free downloadable signs that you can hang on people's doors on Halloween night, instead of asking them for a treat. Bring a stack of these, and some tape, and make it the trickiest Halloween ever!

The Vegetarian Household

Forget spiders and vampires: the most terrifying thing you can imagine on Halloween night is the threat of vegetables. Scare away all incoming trick-or-treaters with this horrifying sign. [Click here to download.]

The Humorless Dentist

Who wants toothbrushes and dental floss on Halloween night? Nobody, unless they come with chocolate toothpaste. (Not chocolate-flavored, but pure chocolate.) [Click here to download.]

The Greedy Husband

What kind of cruel, heartless man would deprive the neighborhood children of their precious candy by eating it all before they arrived? Answer: the one who has this sign hanging on the door. [Click here to download.]

If you end up hanging any of these signs this Halloween, please take a picture and send it to us at mail @ mischiefmakersmanual . com -- we'd love to feature it on the site!