The April Fool Wakeup

This April Fool's Day, be sure to give your parents the "April Fool Wakeup."

First, set their alarm clock for midnight on April 1. You have to do this, to celebrate the greatest day of the year!

Then empty their shampoo bottle, and fill it with something like vanilla pudding, tartar sauce, or ketchup.

Put a box of marbles in the medicine cabinet, tilted against the door, so they'll fall out when someone opens it.

Then dab a little hot sauce on their toothbrush. Don't go for the wimpy sauce, like Tabasco. Find a sauce with a name like "Dave's Insanity."

Schmear a little Vaseline on the toilet seat.

Finally, put baby powder or flour into their hair dryer.

They'll wake up at midnight, then get into the shower and get Pudding Head. When they open the medicine cabinet, they'll get the Marble Surprise. They'll brush their teeth and get Fire Mouth. Then they'll sit down on the toilet and get Slime Bum. Finally, they'll turn on the hairdryer and get Powder Face.

Parents love this kind of thing, because you're being creative and funny on April Fool's Day. Have fun!