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April Fool's Day Awesomeness: 5 Great Pranks to Pull

Happy April Fool's Day! As all great pranksters know, today is the greatest day of the year, the day that's better than Christmas, New Year's Day, National Soup Week, and Mexican Frog-Licking Day combined! It's even better than your birthday, unless of course your birthday is on April Fool's Day, and then it's exactly equal.

Fortunately, M3 has got you covered for all your pranking needs this April Fool's Day with all these free pranks you can download right from our site!

All these pranks, and more, can be found in our downloadable pranks section. Have fun, and enjoy the greatest day of the year!

Awesome Stuff People Built Out of Snow

Lots of mischief makers like to build prank snowmen, but why stick to snowmen when you can build a snow-ANYTHING-YOU-WANT? Here are some great pictures of mischief makers around the world building awesome stuff out of snow...

Silly, Silly Snowmen

Snowmen are great fun to build -- and since you're having a great time playing in the snow, why not give everyone else a good time too? There are a lot of fun things you can do with your frozen friend, and then when you're inside and warm, you can look out and laugh at your hilarious creation. Here are some ideas to get you started...

A Free, Flashy Prank

Disposable cameras are lots of fun, taking pictures of friends and family doing all kinds of crazy things. But did you know they can be fun even when they're thrown away? That's because the flash isn't all gone, even when the film's empty -- and even if it can't light things up for new pictures, mischief maker Jared has told us how it can light them for a laugh!

Your own personal lightning gun!

Just keep it charged and you can set off a super-bright flash when people least expect it -- just push the button! It's a great trick for waking people up in the morning (especially if you're having a sleepover with friends), or for surprising your family in the middle of a TV show.

The best part is, used-up disposable cameras are free -- just go to the photo counter at your local drugstore or Walmart, and ask if they have any leftover disposable cameras. Usually they're happy to get rid of them, so take as many as you can. (You might want to pick up a pair of sunglasses, too -- you'll need them!)

Happy flashing!

The Ol' Icon Switcheroo

Another way to turn the trusted family computer into a crazy confusion machine is to switch around the icons on the desktop. This works really well, because the people who use little pictures to find their programs are the ones who don't know how to fix them -- and it's really easy to change the pictures, as we show you in these easy, step-by-step directions...

Wacky, Wacky Words

Microsoft Office is about as much fun as doing homework in a coal mine, so it's not a program you'll use much -- but since other people in your family use it, it's perfect for pranking. Recent versions have "Styles" to decorate the text with different fonts and sizes. Normally they're as exciting as falling asleep.

TOO normal! We're feeling sleepy just looking at it!

To liven things up, you can turn anything they type into crazy graffiti next time they use the program. What you do is write some really silly text: make it huge, and bright green, and with the silliest font you can find.

Now all you have to do is highlight the text, right-click on that silly "Normal" and choose "Update Normal to Match Selection." And that's an exciting update!

This will change all the text in any document opened on the computer to use the new font! This works really well, because most grown-ups use these programs every day without ever learning how they work, so even the simplest changes can be a complete mystery.

NOTE: Any good prank should be easy to undo - make sure to save the old "Normal" settings somewhere so that you can put things back to normal after having a laugh.

Mouse Madness!

Expert mischief maker Henry has sent us a cunning computer trick, one you can play right now if you're using a PC! Clicking the mouse button on your computer is the easiest and most natural thing in the world -- except when it doesn't work. Here's the harmless way to mischievously mess up the mouse:

Press the Start button, and go to Control Panel

Now go to "Mouse" and click "Switch primary and secondary buttons"

This will mix up the left and right buttons, so when your friends or family try to use a program, they end up with an option menu! It's fast, fun, and most important of all, it's really easy to fix.

But remember that the prank will start working right away -- so to even click on the "OK" button and close the window, you'll have to use the wrong mouse button too!

Happy Pranksgiving!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, a prankster named Jack Vale dressed up in a turkey costume and used a squeezable prank device to make people crack up as they walked past:

Jack's device, called "The Pooter," is a piece of inflatable rubber that you hold in your hand and squeeze. Jack has become a virtuoso of The Pooter, playing it like a musical instrument to create all sorts of rude noises.

Because the first video left so many unanswered questions, Jack followed it up with a sequel...

The Empty Room Prank

Waking up in a strange room is very creepy, but how much more scary is it when the strange room is your own? You're at your dumbest when you wake up, unable to really deal with anything around you, so changing the room around a sleeping person can be a great prank!

Our friend Double M explains that as long as you're quiet, you can really worry the waker -- for a few funny seconds -- by removing things from their room as they sleep. And we don't mean little things (taking those is called "stealing"), but by lifting out entire desks and chairs, maybe even everything in the room! To make this prank work, you'll need a lot of dedicated help, as you'll have to do it late at night when they're sleeping, and you'd better be careful you don't wake them.

Be sure to plan out what you're going to say if they do wake in advance, and you're standing there holding their dresser. Some of these excuses may come in handy:

"Sorry, I was checking to see where I left my socks."

"Am I sleepwalking again?"

"The movers are here. They asked me to help."

"I wanted to sweep underneath it. Have you seen the dustballs under this thing? They're the size of gerbils."

"What dresser?"

Faucet Force GO!

Is there anything in your house you can't use to prank people? We don't think so, and it's because cool people like Collin keep showing us new ways to have fun with ordinary items! This one works by pranking the most automatic of everyday activities -- washing your hands after using the bathroom (and if that's not automatic for you IT REALLY SHOULD BE). People aren't really thinking when they do this, so they're not expecting anything exciting -- which makes this gag work so well!

People only expect water from this, not betrayal

Take some strong tape (duct tape works well) and carefully cover up the bottom of the faucet except for a small hole. This can be quite tricky -- you have to cut the tape so that it doesn't show from above, but it's worth it. By angling the hole you can make the water squirt in any direction you want, but if you choose any direction but "STRAIGHT AT THE PERSON" you're doing it wrong!

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