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Ice-Cold Underwear

Here's a prank that lets you have freezing fun with your friends, and provide the ultimate wake up service, all at once! The more unexpected a joke is, the better it works, and the most unexpected angle of attack is through someone's underwear. The problem is how it's pretty hard to harness the surprising power of that angle without getting in very serious trouble, but our friend Macy has found a way!

When someone's staying over at your place, or you just want to surprise a sibling, sneak over to their stuff after they've fallen asleep and take their spare underwear (or their socks or shirt). Put it in the freezer, and replace it just before they wake up. No one expects ice-cold underwear!

"Yeah, I'll have me some of that underpants-flavored ice cream, please"

This does mean getting up early, but it's well worth for the hilarity of pulling a perfectly stiff pair of underwear out of the freezer. For extra comedy, use the underwear to cool off someone's drink.

You've Been Sharked!

Mischief Maker blandysnorhal is amazing, because he can COMMAND SHARKS TO ATTACK ANYONE IN AN OFFICE OR HOUSE! And if you use this prank, you can too!

Simply print a few copies of this image:

Click to download

Then pull out the stack of blank paper from your printer. Randomly shuffle a few "sharked" pages in with the blank paper.

Next time someone prints something from the printer -- a letter to Grandma, or a recipe for pretzels -- imagine their surprise when they find a SHARK has appeared in the middle of their page! They will be absolutely confused, trying to figure out why the computer accidentally printed a picture of a shark. (No one thinks to look at the printer tray.)

It's the only shark attack we know of that's perfectly safe, and perfectly funny!

The Kids in the Trunk Prank

Here's a great prank you can play with your parents instead of on them -- because the most important thing about good jokes is doing what people wouldn't expect! Mischief maker redpaint explains that some cars let people go through the trunk and into the back seat -- a trick you can use to freak out everyone at school. NOTE: Don't try to find out on your own -- ask your parents if it's possible in your car. You're going to need their help for this prank anyway!

This kind of backseat can be unlatched and pushed down from the trunk.

When you're being picked up from school (or some other event where there are lots of people around) simply have your parent pop open the trunk, and all the kids can pile in. It's important that you all act like this is completely normal -- chat, talk, act like there's nothing wrong, and that everyone should enter the car that way. After your parent closes the trunk, sneak into the backseat before they drive off!

Super-Cool "Cuprocking"

Cuprocking is another new word invented by the internet, and like many of those things, it's something cool anyone can do! "Cuprocking" offers all the fun of graffiti, writing your own great big message where everyone can see it, but without any of the problems -- because these messages aren't just easy to clean, they can be recycled!

You cuprock by wedging plastic drinking cups into fences, arranging them to spell a message or draw a picture. Large packs of plastic cups are cheap or -- even better -- you can recycle the cafeteria's cups with friends. You can do something simple like write a message...


Mischief Maker Collin recently told us of a prank he pulled on his brother. "His bedroom door pulls inward, so I tied a rope to the outside of his door handle, then tied the other end to my own doorknob. My dad loves to prank, so I told him to call my brother in a very loud, angry voice. My brother thought he was in trouble, so he jumped up and tried to pull open the door, but the rope held it tight."

This prank only works with doors that pull inward, but fortunately that's most of them! You can tie the other end of the rope to anything solid, like a bedpost or a table leg, but another doorknob works best.

Another idea is to tie the other end of the rope to a brick, then put the brick behind a large pyramid of metal cans or plastic cups. When they open the door, it will pull the brick and the entire pile will collapse!

Just be sure the knots are tight. "I'm a Boy Scout," says Collin, "so I know how to do good knots." (If you're not a Boy Scout, you can learn a few good knots here.)

What's Up?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's actually nothing at all, but other people don't know that! This is a great prank for public places when you're with a group of friends. If you're bored in town or a public park, try this one.

Get everyone in your group to suddenly look up, pointing into the sky and saying "Look at that!" Strangers will look up as well, shielding their eyes and craning their necks to find out what's so interesting.

Are you wondering what they're looking at? So will everyone else!

The best bit is that they won't stop looking when there's nothing there -- they'll think they just can't see it! It can take a while before people realize that they're being pranked. Just try not to be too obvious, and don't start laughing, and you'll have everyone's eyes on the sky!

FREE Printer Pranks!

Pranking doesn't get any easier than this. Print out one of these hilarious prank documents, then leave it in your home or school printer for someone else to discover. Just click, print, and prank! (All documents are in Microsoft Word format.)

Fake Love Letter
Looks like one page of a mysterious love letter that someone left behind! Perfect for making everyone suspicious of your brother, sister, or creepy babysitter.
[Click to download.]

Warning Sheet
Terrifying warning that reads DO NOT REMOVE THIS SHEET UNDER PENALTY OF LAW. It's fun to print this one out, then see how long people obey its command!
[Click to download.]

Tiny Gnome
Print out a few copies of this printer prank, then take the paper and put it back into the printer, mixing it up with the blank paper. Every once in a while, someone will print something, only to find out their paper has been mysteriously tagged by a tiny gnome living inside the printer.
[Click here to download.]

First Day of School

We all know that the last day of school is great for pranksters (Mischief Maker's Manual, page 68), but what about the first day of school? No one will be expecting it, and teachers haven't had time to form opinions of anyone yet. So, the prankster could be anyone!

Only it's not, of course. It's you.

For some great first day of school prank ideas, see:
- Back-to-School Pranks
- Easy, Sticky Prank
- Phantom Keyboard Prank
- Post-It Prank
- How to Prank Your Teacher Without Getting in Trouble.

Just don't forget to study hard and get good grades -- that way, the teacher will never suspect you!

Teacher Trouble

Pranks don't have to end in scary surprises or sticky situations -- the very romantic prankster Jeremiah wants to help his teachers find love! Awwww!

His prank requires a bit of work but could be a lot of fun, and is sure to get people talking. Pick two teachers you want to prank (we know, you're thinking "only two?") and get out the pen and paper.

Practice the handwriting of one of the teachers -- this will take some time, but it's a useful pranking skill to have. It's easy to get some of their handwriting, because they give it to you every day in class, and on your homework. Take your time, and then write a short love letter from this teacher to another teacher. Keep it short and sweet -- the longer the letter, the easier it is to make a mistake.

It works even better if you buy a "Secret Admirer" card to use!

Hide the letter in the second teacher's desk, and wait for the fun!

How to Prank Your Teacher (Without Getting in Trouble)

Sometimes school can feel like you're trapped by endless questions you don't really care about -- now you can do the same to your teacher! Set this one up with some friends before the class begins, and it will work really well.

Raise your hand, and ask a question about something the teacher explained five minutes ago. They can't get mad, because you're interested and just didn't understand, so they'll explain it again (and the rest of the class has free time while they repeat themselves).

Then when they're finished and start talking about new things, another person asks about something else from five minutes ago ... and then another friend ... and then another friend! If it's just one person asking over and over, they'll be told to stop, but as long as the questions are scattered between different people, you can use up the whole period.

Thanks to M3 prankster Jeremiah for suggesting this clever way to prank your teacher without getting in trouble. It's a great way to have fun with teachers who wander off the point -- they won't even notice that you're in charge of the class now!

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