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Mischief Maker's Manual

MISCHIEF MAKER'S MANUAL is filled with the best pranks of all time -- from "The Apple-Pie Bed" which was invented hundreds of years ago, to modern-day mischief using cellphones, instant messengers, and blogs.

Even better, MISCHIEF MAKER'S MANUAL will teach you how to come up with your own pranks. This is the only book that will teach you the fundamentals of pranking, so that you can create mind-blowing mischief using whatever materials you have on hand.

Here are some FREE pranks that you can pull on a friend right now, using your computer!

FREE VIDEO PRANK: Shut Down Your School for the Day!

Send this video to a friend to make your friend think that a massive prank shut down your school -- and your friend is the suspect! We'll e-mail your friend a video that looks like it was on the local news, with your friend's name and picture inserted into the video!

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FREE PRANK: World's Most Annoying Homepage!

It's perfectly silly, and perfectly harmless. To use it properly, just get on the computer of someone you'd like to prank, then set their browser to load the World's Most Annoying Homepage whenever they start it up.

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FREE AUDIO PRANKS: M3 Soundboards!

Let's say you're making a prank phone call, and you forget one of the Three Rules of Prank Phone Calling (p. 55). The person manages to call you back. What do you do? You pick up the phone, and play one of these FREE sound files to confuse them!

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The fake instructions on this page are for use with the "Super Shocker" prank (page 121 of MISCHIEF MAKER'S MANUAL). Use the real instructions in MISCHIEF MAKER'S MANUAL, and print out these fake instructions for your adult to "help." Makes a huge, loud, scary spark!

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How to Make a GIANT Photo

Want to make a huge photo like the one featured in our video prank? Using this free online program, you can upload any photo and get a GIANT copy that can be printed on any ordinary printer!

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Here's a simple prank you can do on a relative's computer that will get everyone in the holiday spirit (whether or not it's the holiday season): every time they click a menu, it will make the sound of a gobbling turkey. Click click, gobble gobble!

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One of the easiest and funniest pranks you can pull on your parents' computer is to replace their desktop wallpaper with one of these silly graphics. When they come back to their desk, they'll think their computer has gone wackadoo.

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FREE DOWNLOADABLE PRANK: World's Longest Startup Sound!

Next time they start up their computer, rather than a simple startup melody, they'll get a four-minute epic musical piece. Seriously, this is insanely long, and is likely to drive them crazy after only one use. You've been warned!

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Pranking doesn't get any easier than this! Just print one of these wacky documents, then leave it behind in the printer for someone else to find. Click, print, and prank!

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Millions of mischief makers are creating more fantastic pranks every day. Want to join the mischief-making movement? Sign up now to begin your training >>

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