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How to Make a Giant Photo

The best way is to use a free online program called The Rasterbator. This unfortunate name is a play on the word rasterizing, the process of turning an image into dots or smaller pieces (which is what it does).

This site will accept any picture, and turn it into a giant PDF file that you can easily print on regular pieces of 8.5 x 11" white paper (or colored paper, to give your sign a festive touch). You then trim the edges, and paste up all the pieces, one by one, until you form a giant photo collage.

Here are some tips:

  • If possible, start with a high-resolution photo. Taking a digital picture at the highest setting works well.

  • Don't use the online version of the program; download it to your computer instead, which will give you added powers.

  • One of these added powers is to make the "dot size" as small as possible -- set it to "1," which will give you a better-looking photo instead of a bunch of huge dots.

  • The file that comes out of this program is likely to be huge, probably too large for your printer. You may need to print batches of 10 pages (1-10, 11-20, etc.)

  • Be very careful as your pages come off the printer: don't lose track of your place, or the direction of the pages, or your photo won't look right!

  • Ready? Click here to print your photo.

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