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Free Printer Pranks!

Pranking doesn't get any easier than this! Print out one of these hilarious prank documents, then leave it in the printer for someone else to discover. Just click, print, and prank! (All documents are in Microsoft Word format.)

Fake Love Letter

Looks like one page of a mysterious love letter that someone left behind! Perfect for making everyone suspicious of your brother, sister, or creepy babysitter. [Click to download.]

Warning Sheet

Terrifying warning that reads DO NOT REMOVE THIS SHEET UNDER PENALTY OF LAW. It's fun to print this one out, then see how long people obey its command! [Click to download.]

Tiny Gnome

Print out a few copies of this printer prank, then take the paper and put it back into the printer, mixing it up with the blank paper. Every once in a while, someone will print something, only to find out their paper has been mysteriously tagged by a tiny gnome living inside the printer. [Click here to download.]

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