How to Set Up the World's Longest Startup Sound

Next time they start up their computer, rather than a simple startup melody, they'll get a four-minute epic musical piece. Designed to sound like the Windows startup sound -- but much, much longer. Warning: may drive them insane after one use.

INSTRUCTIONS (Windows users only -- sorry, Apple owners!):

  • Download the free sound file (right click this link and click "Save As").

  • In Windows, click the Start menu, then click "Control Panel."

  • Double-click "Sounds." It will look something like this.

  • You should get a window that looks like this. Click the "Sounds" tab.

  • Scroll down the list until you find one that says "Start Windows." Select it.

  • In the "Sounds" box below, type or browse to the file you downloaded above.

  • Click OK, and shut down their computer. You'll know they've restarted their computer when you hear the screaming.