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Free Prank Wallpaper!

One of the easiest and funniest pranks you can pull on your parents' computer is to replace their desktop wallpaper with one of these silly graphics. When they come back to their desk, they'll think their computer has gone wackadoo.


On computers running Windows:
1) Right-click one of the images below, and save to your computer.
2) Close all windows.
3) Right-click on the desktop and choose "Properties".
4) Click the "Settings" tab and move the "Screen Resolution" slider to "1024x768". Click "Apply." This will ensure the screen is the same size as the graphic. (Click here for a screenshot.)
5) Then click the "Desktop" tab and click "Browse." Find the file you saved in Step 1, and click "Apply." Make sure the "Position" dropdown is set to "Center," and click OK. (Click here for a screenshot.)
6) If your parents have a bunch of icons all over their desktop, you can move them all down to the corner where they won't be noticed.

The Messy Desktop

Makes their computer look like hundreds of strange programs have been mysteriously installed on the desktop. They'll click and click on all the icons, but nothing will happen! [Download here.]

The Blue Screen of Death

Windows computers sometimes have a serious error which has been nicknamed the "Blue Screen of Death." When you use it for a prank, it should be called "The Blue Screen of Mirth." [Download here.]

The Cracked Computer Screen

This one is great for laptops and notebooks! Looks like someone broke the screen, leaking electronic fluid all over the place. Look serious, and offer to fix it with some Scotch tape. [Download here.]

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